Kadarka rose

Kadarka Rosé 2015

Alk.: 11% vol

Refreshing Spiciness

This lively Rosé presents itsself in a pale onion peel colour and was vinified from the authochtonous variety Kadarka.
This sensitive, thin skinned variety is known for its fine spicy red wines.
According tart nuances also appear in this lively rosé with finesse.
Accents of red currant are combined with those of white grapefruit and red pepper. A youthful, racy acidity on the palate shows next to a dry style.
Crisp, refreshing and vibrant in character, this is a drop for true lovers of best rosés.
Enjoy well chilled at an ideal serving temperature of 8-10 ° C with spicy appetizers, crisp salads or fish and sea food.